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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a luxury bedroom look luxurious?

A classic add-on to most luxurious bedroom ideas and designs are canopies. Add a golden canopy to frame your luxurious bed. The soft glint of gold provides a rich contrast to the pile of comfy soft sheets and fur. Keep the walls muted and the furnishing understated.

How to design a luxury bedroom with panelling?

Panelling is a popular way to add character to your walls in luxury bedroom ideas, and there are plenty of techniques to try. Consider cladding half or three-quarters of the height of your walls and painting the wood in a contrasting color. Test out the shades in your room before committing, to see what they look like in different lights.

What is luxury Mediterranean style bedroom furniture?

In the picture above, the luxury Mediterranean style of this bedroom can be seen in its rustic use of wide plank oak wood flooring, exposed wood beams, and its choice of solid wood accent furniture. The glass chandelier also add a nice touch to the bedroom.

What makes a modern bedroom modern?

The term modern when used to describe a bedroom might elicit images of a severe white box with a few pieces of angular furniture within. Sure, that’s a look some people like, but it’s the exception, not the rule. A modern bedroom can be so much more than that aesthetically.

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