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Frequently Asked Questions

What is modern luxury interior design style?

The Modern Luxury Interior Design Style is the unabashed embrace of luxury living in today’s contemporary style. It uses elegant fabrics and beautiful finishes. Large scale and simple lines reinforce this feeling of elegance.

What is authentic luxury design?

The authentic design is an opportunity, a canvas for creativity, inspiration, and discovery and all three are the background and tale that forms the actual basis in the art of luxury interiors. These interior design projects are incredible fusions of luxury and stylish!

What are the fabrics used in luxury interior design?

In modern luxury interiors, sturdy fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk, as well as leather, or other luxurious fabrics such as velvet and satin are commonly used.

What makes a modern luxury home luxurious?

Modern Luxury interiors make use of a colour palette filled with modern colours such as grey, black, white, brown, beige as well as metallic colours like steel, rose gold, and platinum, and luxurious colours such as red, purple, teal, as well as jewel tones such as emerald and topaz colours.

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